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coins puzzle

You have with you 100 coins, 30 of which are heads and 70 tails. Distribute them on two tables in such a way that there are equal number of heads on both tables. You can not feel or see the coins.

This is a very easy puzzle. (which I still took 30 minutes to solve :P) Even so, here are hints in invisible fonts:

1. Use your hands.

2. What will you do if you have one head and 99 tails to begin with?

*From now on, the source of all my puzzles is Hari unless mentioned otherwise.

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puzzle time: card game

We are playing a game of cards in which two people belong to a team. One of them gets five random cards, of which she displays four to her team member while she puts the fifth one face down. Her teammate is of course expected to guess the card which is hidden. Now, suppose these two have decided beforehand to win by cheating. What is the strategy that they will use to convey the hidden card to each other?

A few ‘of course’ answers to questions about the puzzle:

You can decide the order in which a player displays his cards

The order in which you put your cards down can not be decided. (eg. start with the last card, then go to the second one, etc)

No, he can’t talk or use anything other than his cards to communicate.

Coutesy: (Hari)krishnan Ramani


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