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Long Runs @ IITM

A few weeks back I went for a run with a couple of friends and professors. The verdant surroundings of the institute are at their best in the mornings. We started out at a comfortable pace and I thought, surely I can manage to run with the profs. But I was in for a surprise. The middle-aged lot outdid us and easily. They have been running for a long time and that was our only consolation for the huffing and puffing. And I thought to myself: I want to run this fast, this easily. It gives you the zest to conquer your physical limits, the feeling of being free, the sense of being able to run away from everything. It’s a form of expression intermingled with physical pleasure.
Here is our track from the last Saturday. I have been doing it for two weeks now and already feel like I have improved. Long runs help. Sticky has put together tips and tricks to do better. Here they are.

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