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I recently heard from a friend (a trusted source, hopefully) that a hostel warden in one of the new hostels in IITM allowed a foreign student to have female guests till late night, besides letting him have a party which involved alcohol consumption. I would really like to know why this exception has been made (probably over and over again) only for foreign students. Is the reason that he was leaving the country and wanted to throw a farewell party good enough? Well, so are most of us (and is it even necessary to tell you why, now..) Foreign students are exempted from paying for the food in hostel mess too, citing the fact that the food served doesn’t ‘suit’ them. Who gave these people the idea that the food served suits us any better. I remember, how my Indian friends who were vegetarians, when in Paris, had to survive on French fries many a days, because the ‘restaurant’ there wouldn’t serve anything else they could eat. I never heard of any special exemptions made for them. And I am pretty sure that meat : vegatarian is way more serious than half baked rotis : European.

The institute puts harsh and senseless restrictions on students for no reason. And more often than not, they end up hurting rather than making any positive impacts. Think of all those fifth year Dual Degree students who don’t have any labs to go to ( I do :) ) or classes to attend, who have to sleep till 2 in the afternoon because the LAN is cut off till 2 so students attend classes and not surf the net. Dear Dean, or whoever you are, please check, students bunked classes not because they were sufring the net, but because they just slept off really late. And they still do, by the way. Moreover, any issue regarding the LAN ban has the same answer from the authorities: We provide you free net. We make the rules. The problem with this attitude is that it doesn’t make sense, because it doesn’t achieve anything, besides proving the point, that the people who make these rules know jackshit of what’s going on. Or probably they do. I don’t know.

When I went to Kanpur last December, the hospitality of the people was refreshing. The guy running the restaurant did not have a pathetic look on his face giving you the impression that he was serving you free food. I have no clue why they can’t throw Tiffanys out and bring more lively people! But then, this has probably got to do with the standard that is Chennai. Oh yes, it does. (By the way, I do like Tiffs, and Chennai too, but my cribbing mode spares no one :P)

The post must have sounded like I have serious issues with the institute (like it even cares). Oh and I do, but having said that, I have come to call this place my home over the course of five years. That’s all the more reason why such issues bother me so much. Is anyone listening?

*I apologize if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments here. That was not my intention (why would it be anyway..)


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Long Runs @ IITM

A few weeks back I went for a run with a couple of friends and professors. The verdant surroundings of the institute are at their best in the mornings. We started out at a comfortable pace and I thought, surely I can manage to run with the profs. But I was in for a surprise. The middle-aged lot outdid us and easily. They have been running for a long time and that was our only consolation for the huffing and puffing. And I thought to myself: I want to run this fast, this easily. It gives you the zest to conquer your physical limits, the feeling of being free, the sense of being able to run away from everything. It’s a form of expression intermingled with physical pleasure.
Here is our track from the last Saturday. I have been doing it for two weeks now and already feel like I have improved. Long runs help. Sticky has put together tips and tricks to do better. Here they are.

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super senior

I stop by the notice board, as has been my practice for the last three years. Extramural lectures, mess bills, etc etc. Routine. Events you promise to yourself you will find the time to attend, and lose track of somehow.

Then there were so many other notes scribbled in A4 sheets. Notices calling for volunteers for events , notices requesting you to attend the GBM. And I think, once upon a time, I used to write such notices, signing off as ‘AAS #111’ or ‘Coordinator # mobile number’. I used to list down my name for a Shaastra Volship or a Painting class in the Common Room.

Gone are those days. I don’t know when I came out of it and started looking at it in a detached way. That’s what fourth year does to you. Not knowing freshies’ names, not caring to find out. Stopping cribbing about the hopeless situation of the mess food. Writing funny things under notices concerning serious issues as if you know some greater truth.

‘Super Senior’. Yeah, I am a super senior.

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short films @ Saarang!

One really cool short film we got for SFM prelims.

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have you read this?

Yesterday we “had to” attend an emergency meeting by Dean Students. Now I am one of those people who don’t agree with all the rules and restrictions imposed by the Dean (or whoever it is who is responsible for them). Things like locking the Sharav terrace to asking people to stay out of the insti stadium after 10 in the night and the list goes on and on and on…

He did manage to get all sentimental about the placement scenario and the fall in technical knowledge of students (on an average ie…) But he made a LOT of sense on some occasions. For instance, he was talking about the task force report on the UG curriculum. He asked how many had even read the report. And as expected, only few hands went up. When he elaborated on the efforts that went into coming up with the report, some people thought that they should have read it. Girl next to me whispers, “where do I find it now?”

FYI, we have a very resourceful students portal for that. You can find it here.  And please don’t ‘pack it’ because you don’t know your login details. Username is your roll number, and password, you can easily retrieve. So all those discussions people have on smail, spamming everyone’s inbox in the process can be made here. And believe me, it’s more interesting to read than some arbit person’s orkut scrapbook.

I hadn’t read the report either…but I knew where to find it. :-P

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