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Lately I have noticed that I am drinking alcohol more often than usual after coming to California. I think its all the waitresses’ fault who, when you go to a restaurant, ask

So what would you like to drink today?

Of course, I can just as easily say “water please”. Instead, I have to order some wine, much more often than not. So I have decided to abstain from alcohol for a whole month. Now, now, I don’t really have to do this. Its not like I am addicted to alcohol or anything.

Alcoholics Anonymous cartoons

Well, surprise! I am not a drunken bum, in spite of the name of my blog and my recent resolution.

So this is more than anything, to just see if I can do it, not drink for a month. I know this is going to make me hate myself, especially on the weekends and all the other days in the week.

I know there are resolutions of more serious nature requiring lot of willpower and having much far-reaching consequences which people undertake. But if you know me, you will know this is not going to be easy!

davis in march

Davis in March

Meanwhile, let me end with a picture, admiring nature. Something sober people do. I suppose I have a lot of that in store for me this month. And coffee.

We will discuss my coffee addiction some other time.


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