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So its been a while since I blogged and I’m delighted to try out the new WordPress editor! Unlike most Google updates, I actually like this thing. It’s uncluttered with fewer and more useful tabs on the left, unlike its old self.

Moving to more topical issues, I have decided to check out some local coffee shops in the new place I’m at. The first stop is at Dana Street Roasting in Mountain View. This is a cute little coffee shop but a little too hippie for me and not in a good way. I pick a corner spot and find a treasure trove in the crack between the floor and the wall.

dana coffee roasters

lots of power outlets and free wifi etc

No gum stuck to the bottom of the table. Check.

Although I have decided to try a gooey drink (which I categorize as everything except plain coffee), they have some very good collection of coffees I might want to try out some day. I ask the owner if the almond latte has coffee. That’s how little I know about gooey drinks. He is a little surprised but goes on to explain, yes, it does indeed have coffee in it. After making the difficult choice between almond milk and almond syrup while discarding rice milk as being a real possibility, I finally get my latte, woohoo. And its really good (do remember that I have nothing much to compare it to).

 dana coffee roasters

The place also has an old coffee roasting machine. It would really do much better with air-conditioning instead. Other than that, the art is really so-so. The cookies and bars on the counter look questionable but that’s another area I have not ventured into. You could eat them and live for all I know.

dana coffee roasters

They also have a unisex bathroom so don’t miss this spot if you particularly fancy putting toilette seats down. What I definitely love is their choice of music. Good mix of indie and more indie. I’m coming back for sure because its so close to home.


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a day in burondi

Burondi is a bigger village on the coast of Maharashtra. At first I was cranky about how I didn’t prefer going to the beach after a year of living minutes away from it and many more in store. But the Arabian Sea has its own charm and I wasn’t disappointed. Its calmer and a lighter blue.


The day also restored my faith in my sunset pictures.


There are just about the right amount of B&B’s on the beach in Burondi. Kids help parents manage hotels run by local families. The food is mostly fish and rice and is a nice change from the usual Mexican fare.



There is a temple nearby and vendors outside sell sweets. I swear to god she was smiling after I took the picture. I still can’t get people to be candid on camera. Having a family that starts making faces the moment I take out mine does not help either.



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Lemon festival happened practically in our backyard so we went to see what its all about. The first thing we saw was kids jumping on bouncers, their heads popping out of the grass surrounding Girsh Park.

There were too many sponsors and  there was struggle to catch sight of lemons. The real ones, not the pictures. There were plenty of pictures and posters. The lemon meringue pie was definitely worth mentions, and we would have bought one too, had our fridge not been clogged with delicious chocolate cake(s).

Every three years I have to eat cotton candy to remind myself that I don’t like cotton candy. The lemon candy was good in spite of my dislike for candies. I could even taste the lemon (flavor), sidelined by overwhelming amount of sugar.

The live music was pretty good too. I apologize for the cheesy title. The festival indeed turned out to be a lemon compared to other festivals in SB.  However, I can see why its great for kids. The avocado festival which happened same day also, is much bigger, I am told.

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The first few months I was in SB, I would only use the microwave to cook things. When my roommates pointed this out, I realized it was mainly because that’s the only thing I could use when I moved in. I have come a long way from there, in a year. I actually like to eat what I cook, sometimes. Youtube videos help me a lot! I follow these girls when it comes to Indian food. Also this girl for Maharashtrian recipes. This girl simply because she is hilarious! and this girl for American and Italian food.

S makes novel recipes, many of which I have never heard of (I have a feeling, that’s exactly the point); mango pasta and watermelon salad and such. Since it is summertime, here is a recipe for a traditional drink called ‘Panha’  made from mangoes.

You will need one raw mango, mint (don’t have it so using cilantro here. well, that’s my level of accuracy. and I wonder why cooking doesn’t come naturally to me.), lump of jaggery and more sugar if need be, and salt to taste, cumin powder and green chili (using jalapenos here, also use only 1/5th or so of this, its very spicy!) and blender/mixer.

To make panha,

1. Peel mango skin and cut mango into cubes. Boil water and cook mangoes in it (with just one peel for flavor, for a long time). Add jaggery into this and let it melt.

2. Blend mint, chili and cumin powder separately.

3. Add mango cuts and water to the blender. Blend more. Add salt and sugar to taste.

4. Serve chilled. It looks cute in a wine glass. What doesn’t? Milk, I think.

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oranges, oranges!

Big and juicy oranges are here! (Have been for a month now, actually. But I got (more) jobless just today). I have not seen bigger ones in my life and just to give you an idea, here is an orange sitting next a medium sized apple and my heavy and rusty laptop.

Caution: The fruit shop in Gurunath sells overripe fruits at slightly higher prices. You might want to try the shopping complex or the Pazhamudhir outside Velacherry gate.

Oranges with romanov and crushed ice

Topped with red rum and spice

Oranges orangier than the sun

Fine, boo me for not coming up with a pun

(Took me exactly 2 minutes to come up with this. Figures, doesn’t it :P )

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cabinet un-clutter

I love my lab. I declare it my home. It is airconditioned, has internet twenty-four seven and a kitchen. I have an antique monitor and a small cupboard to myself. This is stuffed with things from Nilgiris which is the most well stocked supermarket chain in town (according to my experience, lest I appear to be some miss-know-it-all which I am in this case..)

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cafe pascucci

Next cafe on my list is Cafe Pascucci. Its in the Express Avenue Mall in Royapeth. The mall has quite a few cafes and all I need is time to check them all.

This one gets points for comfortable seating although for some reason, the place looks a little worn out. Its slightly overpriced and I found the music to be somewhat loud. The staff is friendly and the menu refreshing. Please please don’t be like me and order a standard cappuccino. This place has much better stuff, especially the Piadina.

To go: Take 5C from Taramani bus stop and get down 2 stops after Music Academy/Amravati.

*If you are searching for this place on web, you might want to tone down your speakers. This is one of those sites which play music. Shriek.

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