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unspoken communication

Came across this really funny picture in a blog. I want it to be on my blog too!! :P

My favourite is ‘Be jealous of the ankle bracelet’. Ankle bracelets are supposed to be some lucky charms. rotfl….!! Oh but wait, the other day, some one commented that I should be more considerate about opinions and beliefs some people have which i do not share.

So, Lucky charms you say??…Ahh…Nice ;)


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I climb the stairs, reading the ‘Thought of the Day’ pinned on the high wall. Above the green and yellow tiles. I hear the rising hustle bustle and i am greeted by the ganpati idol and the flower bowl kept in front of it. The place I would rarely visit and not without a reason. These are the many reasons why i never felt like visiting ‘Tiffs’ half a year ago.

1. The guys at the counter have a confused expression on their faces. They act as if we were asking for one plain dosa at a ticket counter on a railway station. Something like “How inappropriate of you to have actually done that!”.

2. When you ask for stuff at the main counter, they send you to another cash counter (the one near the coffee counter) What’s more, you reach the other counter and find no soul there. And when you look back for an explanation, you see that the man at the main counter has disappeared too!

3. You are waiting patiently for your Dosa, checking out Insti’s Who’s Who chatting with You-kno-who, when the guy calls out “your plain dosa ma’am”. When you are half way across, his expression suddenly changes to “Oh! not you..” as he hands out the plate to some one else. And there goes your dosa to another ‘ma’am’ who apparently was also waiting for one. The expression on your face is worth seeing then. The way a kid’s face becomes, when you burst the balloon he was playing with while you let out an evil laugh. Believe me, its worth a laugh. I have seen it many times before, especially when a guy with his wife, is made to return to his place and ‘wait till his turn comes’. Man of the house, returning without food. Total face-loss that is. Hehe.

4. The over enthusiastic guy! That particular over enthu guy! Now please, don’t ask me to appreciate his ‘eagerness to serve his clients’. It’s just creepy, the way he lets out both his hands and says “Yes ma’am, please come here and collect your dosa”. And you go there half suspicious half embarrassed. The way kindergarten kids go to the stage to collect their prizes. Scarred, confused, not so sure. But they want the prize u see! They have to face the spotlight.

5. You have to repeat any order at least three times before the guy gets it. I am not sure whether it’s my accent or his ears or both.

6. The guy at the coffee counter asks you your order when you hand him the pay slip. Earlier on, I thought he was illiterate. But one fine day, this guy saw the slip and went on to pour dark-brown sensuous desirable coffee ( I love coffee. Yes… to that extent. )into the ‘kutti’ steel cup. And the next day, you guessed it right, he again has that face-waiting-to-be-answered-to look, when I hand in the slip. took me long to realize that there are two people to do the job. one can read English, the other can’t.

7. They wait for somewhere between 3-8 seconds to take the slip when you forward it to them. Till then, you have to patiently hold it. Then they will take it, read the contents aloud, and ask you to wait for five minutes.

8. They don’t think it’s necessary to clean the tables after 11 or so rush in the morning, in spite of the fact that the grey marbelled tables are stained with dry dabs of sambar here and there, coffee marks and wrappers all over the place. Ok, now this reason sounded like the one out of the complaint register collecting dust in some remote khopcha of the cashier’s counter.

9. The man with glasses at the main counter, he has an expression like I broke his glasses. ekdum khunnus mein. Don’t know why. Maybe its because he got to know some how, that i crib a lot about tiffs. Maybe he does understand Marathi, coz i gen comment on his snail’s pace work to friends, right in front of him. How else can you spend your time while he figures out whether to return change or ask for it?

10. They bulb a LOT over math! They just can not do the hisab quickly. As a training program, these people should be sent for a day in an Udupi hotel. They will know there, that cashiers are supposed to do calculations faster than anyone else in the world, even the 11 year old child prodigy you saw on television yesterday who was ‘gen’ calculating 1123456*127859 and blurting it out in no time.

*As you must have figured out by now, my fav item on the menu is plain dosa.


I do like certain things about it

1. Face it. The food is better compared to messssss (OMG can’t control the ‘s’es)

2. You don’t have to pick up the plate when you are finished.

3. The old Hindi songs playing in the background, while you sip your coffee lingeringly in the cool of the night ( Alright alright, the sticky sultry roasty humid Chennai weather at night )

4. And of course, running into my first friends in IITM, meta junta who claim that Tif is literally surviving on their donation.

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Scenes from a Stadium

Time: 6:50 am
Place: Institute Stadium
Composition: 70% profs, 10% students, 5% dogs, 5% kids god-knows-from-where, 5% couples god-knows-since-when, 5% women running in salwaarkameezcanvasshoes.
Weather: Can be described as cool by Chennai standards.
Most repeated actions: Sprinting for 50 meters and then suddenly stopping, panting, walking the next lap around the track.
Most fun moment: Over taking a guy for however short a time and make him chase you; male egos at stake and why?.
Slowest walkers: The couple and the dogs are in for a tie here. Did I just compare them?!
Most disgusting action: the taking-shirt-off-stunt. One guy does it every day…No, not exactly the kinds you would want to see ladies…
Thought of the moment: Go have your breakfast now.

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signs of the hostel life

Eating in the mess with your bag still hung to your shoulders.

Washing plates and glasses with a detergent meant for clothes and a plastic brush, in the wash basin.

Arranging and rearranging furniture in the 7 by 9ft room.

Counting a new doormat as an added accessory to your existence.

Framing up family photographs with paper frames, decorating them with sketch pens.

Treating the entire room as your dustbin, which gets cleaned up every Sunday morning, when the floor suddenly seems to have risen up by a few inches.

Striking a mutual understanding with your neighbor that while she uses your headphones, you give her your heater without making a face. After all, everyone can not have everything!

Inventing and innovating multipurpose devices, remember ID110?  E.g. A mug can be used as a mug, and a toothbrush holder and a soap container, then also for those rare occasions to trap lizards and insects.

Not cribbing on seeing an unclean toilet and heading towards the next one as if it were the most expected thing on earth!

Cooking up recipes which do not require cooking.

Please note: the list is not exhaustive…

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