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signs of the hostel life

Eating in the mess with your bag still hung to your shoulders.

Washing plates and glasses with a detergent meant for clothes and a plastic brush, in the wash basin.

Arranging and rearranging furniture in the 7 by 9ft room.

Counting a new doormat as an added accessory to your existence.

Framing up family photographs with paper frames, decorating them with sketch pens.

Treating the entire room as your dustbin, which gets cleaned up every Sunday morning, when the floor suddenly seems to have risen up by a few inches.

Striking a mutual understanding with your neighbor that while she uses your headphones, you give her your heater without making a face. After all, everyone can not have everything!

Inventing and innovating multipurpose devices, remember ID110?  E.g. A mug can be used as a mug, and a toothbrush holder and a soap container, then also for those rare occasions to trap lizards and insects.

Not cribbing on seeing an unclean toilet and heading towards the next one as if it were the most expected thing on earth!

Cooking up recipes which do not require cooking.

Please note: the list is not exhaustive…


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As I tried to reach the top rack of the book-shelf, stretching my hand to get hold of Megson, a pistachio shell fell off from my calf and landed on the confusing floor. A mushy smell nearby took my attention to a rotten apple perched on the computer-table, all-set to fall. Don’t know what was stopping it. It was amusing, how all stuff lay there disheveled, a thick pile of newspapers under the hair oil, thicker books above the thinner ones, balancing beautifully on their smaller heads, slightly dangling by a few degrees as a leg brushed past them in search of something probably lying on the ground near them, bestrewn by a lot of random things which land up together just by coincidence. And the chairs are not for sitting, no! They are used to dump all laundry and washed clothes ‘together’. “You will anyways have to take out clothes from the closet to wear them, so why arrange them in there in the first place. That’s a silly way to waste time.” So that was the owner’s explanation for this scene. I just can’t avoid my laugh each time I enter the room. And it’s amazing how they both don’t seem to find anything wrong with it. And they know their way out. Mind you, they can find a crumpled mess card or a loose key from the higgledy-piggledy of the overflowing drawer any time of the day. They know which clothes are fresh out of wash and which ones are supposed to go for laundry.

The most fun time was the day of our hostel ‘nite’. The room was all spick and span, with the clean floor beaming out, reflecting the crisp beds and empty chairs. Never mind the fact that the closets were stuffed with clothing (washed/ unwashed) ready to pop out the minute you opened the doors. As the one liner goes ‘A neat desk is a sign of a cluttered drawer’. But not bad! It looked clean on the outside, alright!

So that was X’s and Y’s* room for you. If maintaining a clean and tidy room is difficult, then doing it the X-Y way is not an easy job either :P

*Names changed to protect X and Y’s privacy. What used to be a double room first, are two single rooms now and they only get better at the art…

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