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The International Short Film Festival of India, which happened in Chennai last Saturday was indeed a treat for Chennaites. It screened films from about 120 (?) countries in numerous languages, with English subtitles of course. S was kind enough to get passes for the two day event beforehand. But it turned out that the lack of publicity had resulted in hardly any audience! And this was indeed surprising, because the films, most of them, were amazing.

The good thing about short films is that they are small investments of time, on the part of the movie goer. A bad Hindi film successfully wastes 3 (maybe 4 :P) hours of your life, whereas a short takes up just 30 minutes.

After seeing about 30 short films in about 7 hours, my mind was saturated with so many stories, so many countries, so many emotions and experiences. One film, named Vitthal, a winning entry infact, was fromĀ  Maharashtra, and I forced myself to not read the subtitles in the film (my mother tongue is Marathi..).

It was interesting to see how people speaking different languages tend to translate sentences to English differently. Some are inclined to use certain tense more often than others. It was also interesting to note that although different places have their own set of traditions (which each film made a point to display, through folk songs, colors, festivals), the basic plots keep repeating. eg. marriage conflicts and stories of single moms and their kids were aplenty.

I particularly liked the animated Spanish film Daisy Cutter which tells the story of a girl grieving the loss of herĀ  classmate and how she eventually meets him thanks to Daisy cutter. You might not want to google that name (if you don’t know what it stands for), since it contains spoilers.

The Chilean film Escorbo starts off with an unpleasant revelation at a family reunion and shows the drama that ensues.

Its sad to know, that even searching for these shorts on the internet is so difficult. Perhaps because they are in foreign languages and are from different countries. And I wonder how many more wonderful films there are, which I will never see.


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