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I am one of those people who almost have an aversion to poetry. I can not look at them for longer than a couple of seconds leave alone read whole poems. This is my first attempt at writing one, and I am not counting the English classes in school where we would be forced to write stuff about saving trees and appreciating the nature.

I found a quote which should make me feel good.

All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling.

-Oscar Wilde

Needless to say, this is a genuine and no-frills effort. And don’t search for rhyming words. You wont find any. So, here goes


Having chilled beer on a breezy beach

Feeling course sand brush your feet

Sipping red wine in dim moonlight

Playing Mozart effortlessly on the piano

Sketching your desire in charcoal

While listening to your favorite song


Walking in a dark empty street

With the man of your dreams

To turn on the heat


Finding never-never land

Where all your wishes come true

Where you always know what you want to do

Where the surprises are always pleasant

Serendipitous moments filled in

To give it an adventurous streak

Where plans don’t shatter

And hearts never break

Where people mean what they say

Where there are no dull moments

And you never feel lonely and lost

The fairytale world which I just drew

Now isn’t it just too perfect to be true?

So here I am

In this confusing world

Maybe it’s my fault after all

That I feel so lost

Feeling euphoric now

And depressed later

Wondering what brought about the lull

Who stopped the clock and whispered

“Nothing matters, it’s all pointless”

Who made me believe that this is all a mirage?

It felt like this was going to last for ever

But thanks to a mystery force though

The sun lit back again

I again swung back into my merry mood

It made me smile and fooled me into believing

That another pleasant moment was going to last forever.

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