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This Sunday I finished my first half marathon. It was on the East Coast Road and towards Mahabalipuram. Chennai Runners Club organises this event twice a year and I am so glad this was my first half! I have seen the way Chennai Marathon is organised and it was disappointing, perhaps owing to the larger scale of the event. The run started on time and it rained for quite some part. The route was beautiful and the rains made it all the more divine.

The volunteers were encouraging and nice. It was sad to see that the whole route was littered with paper cups the volunteers had handed us during the run. I can not find words to describe the breakfast at MGM. Subjecting people who have run for two hours to such sad food is absolute sin. And this is where I should stop ranting.

Anunay accompanied me for the first 10.5, a  girl I met on the way for the next 6-7kms. The rest I crawled on my own. Never have I experienced neck pain from running! But this marathon was a first time for a lot of such pains. At the end of 21kms, my face was the only thing that wasn’t hurting. And as is usual with me, inspite of having quite a struggle completing the last 5kms, I felt like I had done nothing only minutes after finishing the race. I am proud of the fact that I stopped zero times as I had wished. Also that I was placed third in girls. A lesser important fact is that only ten ran the race. I finished the first half in about 70 mins and the entire race in 2 hrs 30 mins.

.    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .

Le Cafe in Pondicherry where I went later. This is the best cafe in town as far as I know. Although this time it did show signs of a government (mis)managed place. Its good inspite of that, thanks to the view. They serve coffee with choco powder. Also vague french dishes which aren’t very bad.

Unfortunately, the day wasn’t meant for good food. The Cafe had nothing other than veg sandwitches with extra mustard in them.

Bouquet smiling at the prospect of eating chicken lasagna

An unlucky day: Eating veggies instead..

And that is one more item on my wish list checked. Next is a full marathon, after due practice 8)

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cabinet un-clutter

I love my lab. I declare it my home. It is airconditioned, has internet twenty-four seven and a kitchen. I have an antique monitor and a small cupboard to myself. This is stuffed with things from Nilgiris which is the most well stocked supermarket chain in town (according to my experience, lest I appear to be some miss-know-it-all which I am in this case..)

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bill maher!

I normally do not like to post videos. I am blind to all the youtube links people paste on their status messages. But fb has made me a little open to video links. Nair showed me this video.

Bill Maher is frank and funny. I urge everyone to hear this guy out!.. if you haven’t already.

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tradition for keeps

Kroor Croor criticizes (yet again ;)) how people hinder free speech in the name of tradition amongst other things. Here is a harmless yet so adorable tradition in Bengalis that I learnt about.

Decorated fish gifted in Bengali weddings.

Courtesy: Anunay. (He cautions that the bottles kept next to the fish are mustard oil and not liquor as some people might be inclined to think).

While tradition is neither detrimental to society nor can it be held singularly responsible for a country’s progress, it is perhaps not such a bad thing. And wouldn’t you rather that people follow the tradition of birthday gifts when its your birthday?

Tradition can not be done away with for it is society’s way of expressing the mindset of the majority. It is probably true that some traditions are more welcome than others. And while they start without any hint of danger, they soon turn out to be undesirable. eg, the tradition of marriage is good. It has been so widely accepted that it has the law backing it up. The unncessary part comes when its accompanied by one way money transfers and changing names and surnames of only one peson in the name of common identity. On a concluding note, tradition should not be imposed on people to the extent that it becomes a dictum.

PS: I do not wish to be tagged a feminist. Thank you.

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