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As I tried to reach the top rack of the book-shelf, stretching my hand to get hold of Megson, a pistachio shell fell off from my calf and landed on the confusing floor. A mushy smell nearby took my attention to a rotten apple perched on the computer-table, all-set to fall. Don’t know what was stopping it. It was amusing, how all stuff lay there disheveled, a thick pile of newspapers under the hair oil, thicker books above the thinner ones, balancing beautifully on their smaller heads, slightly dangling by a few degrees as a leg brushed past them in search of something probably lying on the ground near them, bestrewn by a lot of random things which land up together just by coincidence. And the chairs are not for sitting, no! They are used to dump all laundry and washed clothes ‘together’. “You will anyways have to take out clothes from the closet to wear them, so why arrange them in there in the first place. That’s a silly way to waste time.” So that was the owner’s explanation for this scene. I just can’t avoid my laugh each time I enter the room. And it’s amazing how they both don’t seem to find anything wrong with it. And they know their way out. Mind you, they can find a crumpled mess card or a loose key from the higgledy-piggledy of the overflowing drawer any time of the day. They know which clothes are fresh out of wash and which ones are supposed to go for laundry.

The most fun time was the day of our hostel ‘nite’. The room was all spick and span, with the clean floor beaming out, reflecting the crisp beds and empty chairs. Never mind the fact that the closets were stuffed with clothing (washed/ unwashed) ready to pop out the minute you opened the doors. As the one liner goes ‘A neat desk is a sign of a cluttered drawer’. But not bad! It looked clean on the outside, alright!

So that was X’s and Y’s* room for you. If maintaining a clean and tidy room is difficult, then doing it the X-Y way is not an easy job either :P

*Names changed to protect X and Y’s privacy. What used to be a double room first, are two single rooms now and they only get better at the art…

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It was the beginning of my second year in IITM. I had been allotted #110. But to my dismay, when i reached the door, with my five huge bags, filled mostly with clothes which i never wear, just carry them back and forth, between Mumbai and Insti for the just-in-case scenario wherein I might feel like wearing one of them out of the blue, i saw the door locked. With five heavy bags on your shoulder, and half of your stuff still waiting for you in your old room, the situation was the kinds that demand use of the f word to describe them. I went to the office, ran my fingers across the first page of the room list to find

#110 | Iliane Purdue | Foreign Exchange Student

Indignant at the office staff for having given my room to some one else, I waited for her to return. And then she came, with her sunshine smile, bright orange colored shirt, loose pajamas, kolhapuris and a dozen bangles dancing on her wrists. I explained to her that she had accidentally occupied my room. Since she had already laid out her stuff in her room, we decided that I occupy the next room which happened to be empty.

I was uncertain as to what would be the appropriate question to ask her. And i blurted out “Which country are you from?”

Then from all the formal inquiries to trying to cheer her up when she felt out of place to sharing study material and common interests, barging into each other’s room without knocking to discussing crushes and secret admirers, One year later and cultures half the world apart we came a long way!

I would marvel at her enthusiasm for going places. My usual reply would be: You are seeing more places in India in this one year than I have in twenty.

One the last day of my stay for the semester, I was cleaning up when Iliane knocked on the door and asked me for my email id. She was leaving in the evening, for Bangladesh, Nepal and then finally her home in France. As we stood there, her bright smile forcing me to smile back, knowing that this was probably (no, mostly) the last time we would be seeing each other, I tried not to notice the lump in my throat.

Some friendships are special. They may not be the ‘hughs and kisses. we share all our secrets’ kinds. But then they don’t carry the burden of expectaions and obligations with them. You are free to leave because you are not bound in the first place. The time that i spent with Iliane will always be one of the nicer things i will look back to in years to come.

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