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The thing about diaries.. is that they are full of you.. another you.. whom you don’t necessarily conform with anymore.


Although just as you tend to be not too harsh on young ones, you can’t be too harsh on yourself from a few years back either.


a place for contemplation

another place for contemplation


I propped up my pillows, made a cup of soylent cocoa and opened my diary from six years ago.


Many entries in the diary were totally hilarious. Some were inspiring. Many candid remarks and declarations I would cringe at today.


I was tempted to change things here and there. You see, I have been through phases where I spelled ‘the’ as ‘da’ and ‘my’ as ‘ma’ which I do not find the need to revisit. But that wouldn’t be right now, would it? These pages are all that is left of how I was a few years ago.


Here is an excerpt which I thought was fairly decent for an eighteen year old’s level of introspection.


Letting Go


I was traveling by train, alone for the first time. Securing all the baggage by chains and hugging my laptop bag tucked under the thick blanket, I could think about nothing but my luggage. What if someone flees away with my stuff, breaking open the locks silently, effortlessly. What if someone snatches my backpack while I am asleep, curtains drawn, hands left loose dangling to the beat of the coach?

Nothing happened. All was safe.

When I reached IITM, my hard disk failed, gutting down all data on my two year old laptop.

Makes me wonder. How many things can we afford to hold on to, mentally and physically ? How does one become independent of all these things one ‘owns’ and apparently can’t imagine ones life without ?

Why is it so difficult to give away, let things go ?


I guess you never get too old to answer some questions in life. Although I feel that now, there are more things which no one can take away from me. Knowledge, experience, the desire to be happy and trust of my loved ones to name a few.


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two days in sequoia

I was initially skeptical about visiting Sequoia national park in November, not having heard of the existence of snow chains before I checked out their website and having the hunch for the poor snow plowing capability of sunshine wandie if it ever came to that. But with the experience of having spent a night in the car, and the inexperience with cold weather, I decided to go.

After breezing through pleasant sights of the blue ocean till Ventura, escaping the smoke clouds of Bakersfield, and missing the last opportunity to get cheap gas we were finally in Sequoia National Park.


The park displayed easily the most (only) beautiful fall colors I have ever seen. The shadier roads were lined with snow and the sunnier parts filled with colorful leaves. The park has five of the world’s largest trees. Having seen redwoods in Muir woods, Yosemite, Big Basin, in comparison, I wasn’t as mesmerized by the redwoods as I was planning to be. We visited the touristy loops and got lost on a dirt path which was kind of fun but not really. Google herself picked this one to instagram(?). Kind of smart.


S loved her first snow sighting and was surprised that it wasn’t as cold as she expected it to be.

A visit to the crystal cave was interesting and we ended the day listening to stories of the inspiring John Muir.



We were driving in the direction of the Sherman tree when I noticed familiar blue and red lights in the side mirror. No siren.

Nice cop: Ma’am do you know why I stopped you today?

Me to myself: don’t I ever?

Me to nice cop: speeding? 

Nice cop: You skipped a stop sign.


In hindsight, I could have done without my confession. But nice cop gave me a warning and wished me a good day. And a good day it was. The northern part of the park along the King’s river was the most beautiful bit we saw. Turn off the music, roll down the windows and listen to the water stream. Bliss.



The cabins we were staying at were much more secluded than the camps in Yosemite. The food was less expensive. We finished the postcard writing routine and bought Janice Joplin forever stamps. We dropped off the letters at the cute little post office and met the happiest person working in usps I have ever known. Maybe living in the middle of the redwoods helps, maybe its just him.



I had to stop at Gilroy to get that garlic ice cream once and for all. I loved the ice cream (seriously, there is no way you won’t like it). The garlic wine, not so much.


2014-11-18 (7)

smooch time


Our time in Sequoia was quiet and relaxing thanks to the off-ish season. The interesting mix of snow and sunshine makes me want to go back again this time of the year.

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