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short films @ Saarang!

One really cool short film we got for SFM prelims.


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headlines yesterday

TOI knows how to be dramatic. Compare yesterday’s front page news in Times and Hindu.


Read things like “Raju ban gaya Conman…”. As against this the hindu uses no sensational words at all… After being subjected to 20 yrs of TOI reading, I have begun to like the southern favourite.


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have you read this?

Yesterday we “had to” attend an emergency meeting by Dean Students. Now I am one of those people who don’t agree with all the rules and restrictions imposed by the Dean (or whoever it is who is responsible for them). Things like locking the Sharav terrace to asking people to stay out of the insti stadium after 10 in the night and the list goes on and on and on…

He did manage to get all sentimental about the placement scenario and the fall in technical knowledge of students (on an average ie…) But he made a LOT of sense on some occasions. For instance, he was talking about the task force report on the UG curriculum. He asked how many had even read the report. And as expected, only few hands went up. When he elaborated on the efforts that went into coming up with the report, some people thought that they should have read it. Girl next to me whispers, “where do I find it now?”

FYI, we have a very resourceful students portal for that. You can find it here.  And please don’t ‘pack it’ because you don’t know your login details. Username is your roll number, and password, you can easily retrieve. So all those discussions people have on smail, spamming everyone’s inbox in the process can be made here. And believe me, it’s more interesting to read than some arbit person’s orkut scrapbook.

I hadn’t read the report either…but I knew where to find it. :-P

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