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king’s cirlce

Some places are special to you. They remind you of memories which have as if frozen. You can’t get hold of them. And they only get distant with time.

King’s Circle hasn’t been renamed as most other places in Mumbai/Bombay. So it somehow manages to sound Victorian and ancient though it’s actually not the case.

King’s Circle, where I would go for evening walks with my grandparents, tiny fingers curled up around their soft palms, jumping a few inches in the air as both would lift me up a bit. That was when I was a five, dependent of older people’s mercies to go places. :P

Then came those visits to buy books with mommy dearest. It started with Enid Blytons and Judy Blumes and by the time i reached Sydney Sheldon and John Grisham, the sister replaced the mom.

King’s Circle is a brilliant place to buy novels. Second hand as well as err… pirated versions.

And books is not all! New shops open up almost every month. There is Madras Cafe, New Yorker, Birdy’s (i think). An evening out with friends wandering about in cafes and book stalls, when we are supposed to be attending classes. I have done a quite few of those :D

The ‘circle’ is in fact a garden named Maheshwari Udyan. A jog in the garden followed by a coffee in Madras Cafe is my idea of a perfect start to the day. I had to take my mom to Madras Cafe to make her believe that coffee is indeed made that dark in some places! It is a struggle forcing her to make strong coffee at home. But yeah. It’s nowhere close to Tiff kaffee :D

If you ask a random Mumbaikar, she/he probably wouldn’t think that it’s such a great place after all. But it has a special place in my heart :)

Boohoo. I miss Mumbaaaaaai :(

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