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The other day I visited the museum of natural history in Santa Barbara because I had nothing else to do. I wasn’t expecting much at all. I am not a big fan of animals and plants. But I went anyway, because like I said, I didn’t have anything else to do. Turns out the place is quite pleasant after all ! Here are some pictures.

The museum has quite a few short trails, a lot of crows cawing in the background. After spending more than a year without crows in the vicinity, this was music to the ears. Unbelievable. The butterfly garden had many varieties but only a few butterflies. I didn’t have to cover my face and ears and run through the enclosure, like I was so prepared to do. It was so peaceful and serene, reminded me of all the creatures I have stomped on because I was too scared of them. I feel like I am beginning to like plants and insects. What just happened?


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And I am back! After a whole year and  ten thousand miles away from where I left, with a new theme to the blog. I decided that the old one did not highlight the words, and was more of a distraction. So here is a clearer theme, much like the clear skies in Santa Barbara.

Here is the very first blog header, which I put up more than four years back, just for the record.

Oh and this is also my fiftieth post. Yay to me, I guess?

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