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I woke up in the morning to realize that it was 11. My obsession with coffee made me run to the coffee vending machine at the other end of the campus (I am officially addicted to coffee. And that’s step one, identifying your addiction. Not bad eh? ;-)). Having bought a cup worth 30 rupess – addictions come costly – I headed back. And just as I was going in the direction of my hostel, it struck me: I didn’t have to go back.

It’s Bastille Day in France. And everywhere else too. But only the French prefer to obsess about it. Actually, I just ‘wiki’ed. A host of other countries also celebrate the Bastille Day. I wonder if such celebrations do enough to remind people of what this day represents, and even if it does, if it enthuses them to follow the ideals that it stands for. This day is a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation, says Wiki. That is so vague and incomplete.

It’s raining cats and dogs here. I wonder how they will conduct the parade. But the French people are good at finding solutions to problems. That’s one thing I really admire about this place. Rather than directing their energies to fretting about problems, they take it in their stride and find ways out. I can not think of instances to support this, but all in all, there is a lot of positivity in the attitude here.

The campus of Ecole Polytechnique is so vibrant. The centuries old strong culture that it has gives it its own character. ‘Binets’ are clubs on campus which come together to share common interests. They paint their logos on buildings and ‘KES’ is a recurring word they have in them. I find it really cute. Here are a few:

I wonder if our Dean at IIT Madras will allow students to paint their hostels this way. I wonder if he will allow a bar on campus, or the screening of a football match in SAC. Someday.

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