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my first young ones

on the way to school

I have never grown a plant in my life. The only time I was required to do this, as an exercise in second grade, I didn’t bother to soak my pulses in water. So I plucked out two periwinkles from the neighboring garden and stuck them into a flowerpot, to show to my teacher. And I’m not making this up!  Really, all I wanted was to get over the damn project. Especially since I was competing with moms who had planted whole gardens for their suns’ sons’ projects while my mom reluctantly gave me some pulses from the kitchen. Hmph.

My mom is a loving mother by the way, least it appear otherwise. Part of her reluctance must have stemmed from the fact that I told her about the project on the day of the submission. So this has been my (in)experience with growing plants so far.

But remember how I started liking plants and insects sometime back ? So I bought two marigold saplings from the farmers’ market. When I asked the lady from the Deveroux slough selling them what I should do with the sapplings, she stared at me. Then patiently told me that first I needed a bigger pot to plant them in. I saved questions about watering and food for the internet.

Two for a dollar. I got one for free.

By the way, these farmer’s market people from Deveroux slough are not from the reserve. Don’t ask them if they are affiliated with the school. The school has leased their land because it has the money and they apparently aren’t thrilled about it. Welcome to small town where everyone knows everybody and come across them every now and then. But more on that later.

So I bought the plants home without hurting them on the way.

One less utensil in my over-flooding kitchen

Now all I had to do was to not kill it while it grew. Marigolds need to be watered twice a week. Does watering more kill them? Does stale water make them sick? Should I pluck out the dead looking leaves or leave them alone? I don’t know. But I am finding out. I also think I might be taking this too seriously. In any case, its such a pleasure seeing a new flower on your way out to work!

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After seeing ApronheadL‘s pictures from the SB orchid estate, I was motivated enough to visit. I was tempted to buy an orchid, but was too scared thinking I might kill it. Especially since the first question we were asked when we entered was

So have your orchids died or have they stopped flowering?

We were not asked if we had ever bought an orchid before. We weren’t asked if we have even bought a plant in our life, let alone an orchid. Well, B who was with me has, but I haven’t.

I think I am going to train myself by growing a spider plant first, which I am told, is really difficult to kill. Not only is it impossible to kill, it’s impossible to keep it from reproducing, I am told. Now, for the orchids..


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